Marco Borges

Marco Borges

Marco Borges is an exercise physiologist, founder of 22 Days Nutrition, and author of the best-selling “Power Moves.” Marco earned his bachelor’s degree at Florida International University and quickly became an industry leader by opening the first spinning gym in Florida.

Marco continued to expand his brand by sharing his philosophies for health and wellness. For more than five years he wrote a column for the Miami Herald. Marco currently contributes to,,, the Wedding Channel, Men’s Health, Us Weekly, Seventeen, Latina, and his own widely read blogs, and Vogue voted Marco’s Power Moves one of the top eight must-read health, fitness, and diet books.

He has also spent the last 20 years as a lifestyle coach, designing everything from workouts to nutrition plans for professional athletes and celebrities. Marco Borges continues to share his passion for health and fitness through writing and motivational speaking, where he continues to battle the obesity epidemic one person at a time.

Marco is passionate about guiding people on the path to developing a healthy lifestyle. For over 20 years, this nationally renowned Exercise Physiologist has been teaching individuals to transform their lives and bodies through his innovative exercise and nutrition programs.

In The 22-Day Revolution, Marco lays out a comprehensive 22-day strategy that includes a meal plan, tips to stay on track and over 65 delicious and healthy plant-based recipes. With The 22-Day Revolution, you’ll have the guidance to adopt a plant-based diet and create lifelong habits that not only help you avoid serious health conditions, but also shed unwanted weight and improve your overall life.

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